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About B2B ticket distribution system

Project “Implementation of B2B ticket distribution integration between Advertigo Spó┼éka Akcyjna (joint-stock company) and business partners” has been completed with the support of European Regional Development Fund as a part of Innovative Economy Programme Priority Axis 8. – Information society – increasing innovation of the economy, measure 8.2 - Support for implementation of electronic business – B2B.

The purpose of this system is to automate and integrate all business procedures related to ticket distribution and sale for mass events and to promote this type of events on websites belonging to Advertigo S.A. and our partners. As a result, circulation of physical documents will be reduced practically to zero. Implementation of this system allows further dynamic development of our company and effective competition with other ticket distributors in Poland. It is worth mentioning that the system is available also for our business partners from other EU countries.

The successful implementation of this project was assured thanks to the technical and human resources. At the planning stage of this investment we have conducted several consultations concerning the substance and functionality of the software, as well as we have examined offers of IT companies which develop such tools for economic subjects. After consultations with our staff members responsible for business contacts and exchange of information within our company the minimal parameters and features of the new system have been established in order to meet the expectations of all parties and the aims of the project.

The system facilitates cooperation with our partners through better management of ticket distribution and sale for mass events such as concerts, festivals, sport and cultural events. Our clients will be equipped with a tool – B2B system platform – that will allow them, among other things, to process information and parameters of planned events easily. Thanks to the B2B system they can easily establish ticket prices, dates, purchasing conditions, as well as promote and advertise their events on our portals. The latter feature is supported by promotional orders section. Digitalization of these processes allows automation and facilitation of B2B communication.

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